High Frequency Technology – Antennas and Wave Propagation formerly High Frequency Technology 2

Lecture Data

SemesterSummer semester
Lecture Prof. Heberling
Exercise Dominik Hölscher
Exam written, SS and WS
Consultation hour by appointment, Dominik Hölscher
ECTS-Credits 4
Language English

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Lecture Contents

antenna theory:
reciprocial theorem, overview of mathematic methods, huygens source, radiation regions

aperture antennas:
fundamentals, geometrics, applications

group antennas:
fundamentals, uniform linear array, parameters, feeding systems

linear antennas:
method of moment, impedance, element coupling

planar antennas:
patch antennas, feeding, arrays, applications

broadband antennas:
spiral antennas, logarithmic-periodic antennas

antenna measurment techniques:
chambers, diagram, cross-polarisation, near-field, far-field

noise temperature of antennas:
definitions, noise figure, definitions

wave propagation:
refraction, diffraction, multi path propagation, scattering, determination models