High Frequency Technology – Passive RF Components formerly High Frequency Technology 1

Lecture Data

SemesterWinter semester
LectureProf. Heberling
Exercise Dominik Hölscher
Exam written, SS and WS
Consultation hour by appointment, Dominik Hölscher
ECTS-Credits 4
Language English

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Chair of High Frequency Technology
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Lecture Contents

lumped elements:
specifications, basic circuits, definitions, matching circuits, transformations, applications.

TEM-waveguide components:
resonators, transformators, applications

microwave stripline components:
hybrids, power divider, filters, phase shifters, couplers

multi conductor systems and components:
coupled lines, symmetric conductor system, mathematics of multi conductor systems and end termination, baluns, directional coupler

cavity resonators:
modes and charts, losses, quality, disturbance by change of volume or material, applications

non-reciprocial elements:
properties, circulators, ferrites, faraday-rotation, applications

pulse technique:
pulses with lines and lumped elements, measurements, applications

fiber optic systems:
laser sources, fiber properties, detectors, system components, WDM, nonlinear properties, fiber amplifiers

high frequency measurement techniques:
network analyser, spectrum analyser, power measurement, cables, conectors