The research group Aachen of the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR was founded to promote the scientific exchange between Fraunhofer FHR and the RWTH Aachen. Our research group is fully affiliated to the Fraunhofer Society and is located at the RWTH Institute for High Frequency Technology IHF. The strong interconnection of FHR and IHF enables us to shape the area of radar technology.

Are you interested in our projects or are looking for a qualified contact partner in the field of ​​radar? The staff of our research group would like to answer your questions.

Research topics

We are currently focusing on topics in the following fields of research:


As a result of the increase in automation and autonomization in the field of air, rail and road traffic, sensors installed in the carrier systems must meet enormous requirements. Within the scope of our research activities we are trying to meet the challenges of radar technology and radar measurement technology.

In our research project ATRIUM we design for example a radar target simulator with which radar sensors mounted in cars can be verified. Our goal is to promote the qualification of radar-based driving assistance systems and to contribute to road safety in the future.


With radar polarimetry it is possible to characterize radar targets more extensively than it is possible with conventional radars. Polarimetry, among other things, makes it possible to identify the physical processes causing reflection at the radar target. The technique can be used in remote sensing to differentiate between vegetation and artificial structures for example. Our research group aims at finding new applications and markets for radar polarimetry besides remote sensing.

Other topics

 If our research topics do not cover your field of interest, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are open-minded towards an expansion of our portfolio. Furthermore, we are pleased to connect you with a contact person in our main location in Wachtberg.