GeReLEO-SMART flight hardware completes test campaign

After more than six years of hard work the final countdown for the space payload GeReLEO-SMART is in sight. The last tests were completed successfully.

After a road trip of more the two and a half month to test sites in Bremen, Berlin and Ottobrunn near Munich, the folder-sized equipment has passed one of the final tests: Electro-magentic compatibility (EMC). The test should prove that the equipments is not emitting harmful signals on its cables or via radiation that would disturbe other components on the Heinrich-Hertz-Satellite (H2SAT). In the same time the GeReLEO-SMART hardware had to show to be not susceptible to radiation or wire-bound signals from other payloads on H2SAT. After more than two weeks of intensive testing, all EMC test were completed and the launch of the payload managed by Ralf Wilke from IHF and including subcomponents built by IHF is within reach.