In almost every stage of the studies, students have the opportunity to come in contact with the IHF and the high frequency technology, whether during the Bachelors in the first semester  MATLAB project, for a fourth semester project or in the sixth semester in the lecture „Elektromagnetische Felder 2 (IK)“. Or listen to one of our deepening lectures on high-frequency technology, antenna engineering or  EMC. In addition to our laboratories, you can gain practical experience in the preparation of your thesis with us.

In our courses you have the opportunity to meet the high-frequency technology in theory and practice or to deepen your knowledge. Learn more about the offered courses:


The IHF constantly offers bachelor and master theses from current research topics at the institute. Here you can get an overview of the currently advertised theses and the special benefits that await you at the IHF.


The IHF has more to offer for students than courses!