Amateurfunkgruppe an der RWTH Aachen

Amateur Radio Group at RWTH Aachen Universtiy

Since 2007 there is again an amateur radio group located at the institute. Through generous support of the former institute director Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Rembold we were allocated a room and given the opportunity to mount antennas. In the following years, both voice and the digital radio communication has been developed and expanded. The first applications were shortwave radio and packet radio using the call sign DL0UA and DB0SDA. The successor Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Heberling is also supportive and encouraging towards amateur radio at the IHF. In the last years, the group dedicated itself to the upcoming topic Hamnet, a fast data network within the amateur radio. In the area between Mönchengladbach, Cologne and Aachen enthusiasts are planing and installing point-to-point radio links and user access points. Also the backbone router configuration and trouble-shooting is done by group members. The group maintains about 15 servers and 7 locations that provide different services on the Hamnet. Also there is activity on the analog voice communication, such as in national and international competitions on short wave and VHF/UHF. Here the group often reached foremost places in the ranking. Besides, digital mobile communication like DStar and DMR are driven forward by building up homebrew base stations for this digital voice services. Two 19" racks with commercial grade quality are operated at the telecom tower of Aachen called Mulleklenkes.

The amateur radio group at RWTH Aachen University is open to all students. We have a lab also for non radio related projects. More information and updates on the website of amateur radio group.