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Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Dirk Heberling
Institute Director
Institute of High Frequency Technology
RWTH Aachen University
Melatener Straße 25
52074 Aachen
Room329, ground floor
Telephone+49 241 80-27932
Fax+49 241 80-22641


2016 - now Institute director of Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR
2008 - now Chair holder and institute director of the Institute of High Frequency Technology, RWTH Aachen University
2003 - 2008 Head of Information and Communication Systems department at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort
1995 - 2003 Head of Antenna department at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort after a restructuring in 1998 Head of Antennas and EMC department
1993 - 1994 Group leader Antenna Measurements at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort
1987 - 1993 Research Assistant at Institute of High Frequency Technology, RWTH Aachen University


1987 - 1993 PhD with distinction 1993 Topic: Conformal microstrip antennas
1981 - 1987 Studies of Electrical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University Specialization: Communications engineering

Boards and Committees

since 2016 DFG Review Board Member Subject No. 408-02 Communications and High Frequency Engineering, Communications Technology and Networks, Theoretical Electrical Engineering
since 2016 Member of the Board of Directors of AMTA (Antenna Measurement Techniques Association)
2002 – 2003, since 2014 Chairman of the ITG Expert Committee 7.1 "Antennas"
since 2012 German delegate and grant holder of the European antenna competence project COST IC1102
since 2012 Scientific Advisory Board of ZESS (Zentrum für Sensorsysteme, Siegen)
since 2010 Curator of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft for the FHR
since 2009 Co-organizer of the annual international antenna conference EuCAP
since 2008 Member of the Steering Committees EuCAP
since 1998 Chairman of the ITG Expert Committee 7.1 "Antennas"
since 1998 Contributor to the European antenna competence projects COST 260, COST 284, IC0603 and IC1102
2014 General Chair and Organizer of the German Microwave Conference GeMiC 2014, March 2014, Aachen, Germany
2009 Scientific Advisory Board of FGAN (Forschungsgesellschaft für angewandte Naturwissenschaften, Wachtberg-Werthhofen)
2002 - 2007 German delegate of the European antenna competence project COST 284
2003 Organisator der internationalen Antennenkonferenz INICA 2003, September 2003, Berlin
2002 - 2003 Co-initiator of the European Antenna Excellence Network ACE




DE 10 2004 026 133 A1 Sendeanordnung, Empfangsanordnung, Transceiver sowie Verfahren zum Betreiben einer Sendeanordnung 28.05.2004
US 2005/0277399 A1 Transmitting arrangement, receiving arrangement, transceiver and method for operation of a transmitting arrangement 27.05.2004



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Elektromagnetische Felder 2 (IK)
High Frequency Technology – Passive RF Components
High Frequency Technology – Antennas and Wave Propagation
Moderne Kommunikationstechnik – EMV für Mensch und Gerät