A Measurement Standard for Polarimetric RCS Imaging

Using the following information one will be able to build a measurement standard for RCS measurement purposes.

Due to the lack of measurement standards especially designed for polarimetric radar measurements, this standard was developed to demonstrate various polarization effects which can occur at a radar target depending on the polarization of the incoming wave.

It can, however, be used for the demonstration and evaluation of both polarimetric and non-polarimetric RCS imaging algorithms, pure RCS measurements and other radar related measurements in research and teaching.

The shape of the standard was inspired by the shape of real patrol boats to highlight the applicability of miscellaneous RCS imaging techniques to practical problems. Some parts of its superstructure are especially suited for polarimetric measurements, having the following features:

  • One dihedral located at the window of the wheelhouse, leading to double reflections
  • Two dihedrals located at the back of the wheelhouse, leading to double reflections (corresponds to two trihedrals if deck is included)
  • Four metal rods/dipoles in the rigging, leading to the reflection of a linear polarized wave
  • Single reflections everywhere else on the boat

The top of the superstructure can be removed to uncover an opening within the superstructure. This opening was designed to contain a small spirit level for target position adjustment. The loading area of the stern deck is fixed with four exposed screws and can be replaced for further extensions of the standard.

The "IHF-Boat" standard is released under Creative Commons license. Feel free to use this standard for research, teaching and in all types of publications, as long as the original authors of this work are highlighted and the work is not modified (according to CC BY-ND, see below).

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IHF-Boat © 2012 Thomas Dallmann, Ralf Wirtz, Rolf Plaum