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Roadmap Paper on "Antenna Measurement Challenges and Opportunities" is now online

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The new roadmap with 19 exciting contributions from 34 experts in antenna measurement technology has now been published! The roadmap covers topics on the state of the art as well as ongoing research and development work. The IHF contributed to the "Antenna Measurement Uncertainty" project through the experience and expertise of Anna Granich. Our former PhD student Cosme Culotta-López is also represented in the list of authors. 
The EurAAP Reviews of Electromagnetics format is freely accessible online at: 

Guest Editors: Olav Breinbjerg, Manuel Sierra Castañer

Contributing authors:  Stuart F. Gregson, Thomas F. Eibert, Amedeo Capozzoli, Francesco D’Agostino, Andreas Ericsson,Giuseppe Vecchi, Anna Granich, Tian Hong Loh, Christian Hunscher, Jefferson A. Harrell, Paolo Focardi, Joshua Gordon, Luis Rolo, Paul Moseley, Matthias Hein, Francesco Saccardi, Cosme Culotta-López, Fabio Paonessa, Lars Jacob Foged, Wei Fan, Michael Foegelle, Claudio Massagrande, Roberto Flamini, Laurent Le Coq, Daniel Janse van Rensburg, Benjamin Fuchs, Fernando Las-Heras, Sergio Castelló-Palacios, Anja K. Skrivervik, Vince Rodriguez, Bruce Williams, Lucia Scialacqua, Jeff Fordham and Michael Havrilla.