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Examination Dates in Summer Semester 2016

The exam dates are fixed and can be viewed here.

The examination dates in summer semester 2016 are:

Radar Systems (written):
Thursday, 11.08.2016, 11:00 am, Lecture Room FT

EMF 2 IK (written):
Monday, 12.09.2016, 9:30 am, Aula 2 & FT 103

Antenna Engineering (oral):
Monday, 19.09.2016
The appointments to the oral exams are assigned by Wasim Alshrafi.

HF 1 & 2 and EMV (oral):
Tuesday, 23.08.2016
Wednesday, 24.08.2016

Tuesday, 11.10.2016

The appointments to these oral exams are assigned by the secretariat of the IHF.