Electromagnetic and Microwave Sensors in Modern Multidisciplinary Applications

Course Data

Semester Winter semester
Course type Block seminar
Time end of September / beginning of October, daily 08:00–17:00
Lecturer Ass. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suramate Charlermwisutkul
Module Level Master
Module duration 2 weeks
Type of exam literature review and presentation
(Recommended) Prerequisites Electromagnetic Waves
ECTS-Credits 4
Language English

Coursce Description


The structure of this block seminar (2 weeks) is divided into 4 sections daily:

In the first part, the lecturer gives an introduction to the respective subject area (s.u.). In the second part the elaboration of the previous findings follows with the help of distributed documents (scientific publications, articles, book extracts) as well as own research of the students. In the third part of the course, the students should develop an oral presentation in groups or prepare a written summary of the findings in a scientifically appropriate form. In the final part the students should present the results. The presentation will be discussed in the course in terms of content and form.

The content of this two-week block seminar will begin with an introduction to electromagnetic and microwave sensors in relation to modern multidisciplinary applications. The focus is on the interaction between the electromagnetic fields and the material properties. Accordingly, the applications of these sensors can be distinguished. Modified coupling characteristics of the fields, reflection and transmission of the signals may allow the detection of additional object parameters such as motion or object identification (e.g., in the case of RFID sensors). Application examples are the fields of medicine, petro chemistry, environmental technology or nutrition science. Another topic is sensors for promising developments, such as often referred to as "Internet of Things" (IoT).

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module students are able to

  • do literature review at the field of microwave sensors, to understand and categorize the paper and to prepare this information for a written or oral presentation.
  • present the prepared information to a specialist audience in oral or written form.
  • understand the interaction between electromagnetic fields and sensor material properties and to categorize the different types of microwave sensors

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