Additional topics

Textile antennas

The increased integration of wireless communication systems into daily life objects requires more integrable antennas such as wearable textile antennas. IHF presents different textile antenna types that are used to convert conventional clothes into intelligent ones [1, 2]. Textile antennas are made of special fabrics that are designed to exhibit good performance at high frequencies. Such materials and antennas made from them are investigated for their performance and limitations.

GNSS antennas

The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) importance is growing day by day with increasing demand for higher accuracy. An accurate GNSS system utilizes different GNSS bands; thus, it requires a high-performance, wideband antenna to receive all these bands. Low-profile, wideband antennas are an exciting research topic. Possible designs are achieved using a wideband artificial magnetic conductor developed at IHF [3].



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