Antenna Design for Radar Systems

Lecture Data

Semester winter semester
Lecture Prof. Knott
Exercise Prof. Knott
Language English
Exam written, WS
Consultation hour by appointment
ECTS-Credits 4

Course Description

The lecture (held in English language) introduces the basic properties of antennas and the underlying physical principles. It focuses on various antenna types important for radar applications, e.g. horn antennas, high gain quasi-optical antennas such as reflector antennas, array antennas, antenna circuits.

Prerequisite for participation are basic knowledge in the field of RF and Microwave technology (especially Microwave Components and Circuits, Transmission lines) as well as electromagnetic fields and waves.

The students are offered to participate in a complementary practical course on the design of a Microstrip Patch antenna using a computational electromagnetic software based on full wave analysis.