High Frequency Technology – Antennas and Wave Propagation

(formerly High Frequency Technology 2)

Lecture Data

Semester Summer semester
Lecture Prof. Heberling
Exercise Dominik Hölscher
Exam written, SS and WS
Consultation hour by appointment, Dominik Hölscher
ECTS-Credits 4
Language English

Lecture Contents

antenna theory:
reciprocial theorem, overview of mathematic methods, huygens source, radiation regions

aperture antennas:
fundamentals, geometrics, applications

group antennas:
fundamentals, uniform linear array, parameters, feeding systems

linear antennas:
method of moment, impedance, element coupling

planar antennas:
patch antennas, feeding, arrays, applications

broadband antennas:
spiral antennas, logarithmic-periodic antennas

antenna measurment techniques:
chambers, diagram, cross-polarisation, near-field, far-field

noise temperature of antennas:
definitions, noise figure, definitions

wave propagation:
refraction, diffraction, multi path propagation, scattering, determination models