High Frequency Technology – Passive RF Components

(formerly High Frequency Technology 1)

Lecture Data

Semester Winter semester
Lecture Prof. Heberling
Exercise Dominik Hölscher
Exam written, SS and WS
Consultation hour by appointment, Dominik Hölscher
ECTS-Credits 4
Language English

Lecture Contents

lumped elements:
specifications, basic circuits, definitions, matching circuits, transformations, applications.

TEM-waveguide components:
resonators, transformators, applications

microwave stripline components:
hybrids, power divider, filters, phase shifters, couplers

multi conductor systems and components:
coupled lines, symmetric conductor system, mathematics of multi conductor systems and end termination, baluns, directional coupler

cavity resonators:
modes and charts, losses, quality, disturbance by change of volume or material, applications

non-reciprocial elements:
properties, circulators, ferrites, faraday-rotation, applications

pulse technique:
pulses with lines and lumped elements, measurements, applications

fiber optic systems:
laser sources, fiber properties, detectors, system components, WDM, nonlinear properties, fiber amplifiers

high frequency measurement techniques:
network analyser, spectrum analyser, power measurement, cables, conectors