RCS Hertz Measurement Chamber

Frequency range:
2 - 24 GHz
Extended frequency range on request
Quiet zone:
Cylindrical, 0.6 m diameter, 1.2 m length
Positioning system:
Azimuth axis
Accuracy < +/- 0.03°
Target support:
Foam column
Supporting area 500 mm
RCS < -35 dBsm (2 GHz)
Max. target mass: 80 kg
Instrumentation and antennas:
Rohde & Schwarz ZVA24 VNA as SFCW radar
2x Satimo QH2000 open boundary quad ridge horns
Quasimonostatic configuration for full-polarimetric measurements (bist. angle adjustable between 1.5° .. 5°)
Monostatic configuration for HH-/VV-measurements
Dynamic range:
80 dB (10 GHz)
Shielded anechoic room:
5 m x 5 m x 9 m
Control and Post-processing Software:
ActiveCell 4 by Orbit/FR Europe
In-house postprocessing software