Robot-Based Measurement Technology

Newton Measurement Chamber


Frequency Range 60 - 90 GHz
Positioning system
(common kinematics)
Robot KUKA KR8-R2010-2
  • Operational radius: 2010 mm
  • Repeatability: 0.04 mm
  • Nominal load: 8 kg
  • Absolute accuracy calibration
Linear axis
(7. Axis)
  • Length: 3500 mm
  • Repeatability: 0.03 mm
  • Drive: Ball screw drive with double bearing
  • Static load capacity: 100 kg
Rotation Axis
(8. Axis)
  • Angular range: unbegrenzt
  • Repeatability: 0,01°
  • Drive: Helical gear / Worm gear
  • Nominal torque: 9 Nm
Measurement Trajectories Spherical Radius: 100 mm ... 1025 mm
Cylindrical Radius: 100 mm ... 3700 mm, Height: up to 1400 mm
Planar Including additional axes: 6000 mm x 6000 mm;
Without additional axes: 1400 mm x 1400 mm
Free-Form Combination of the above mentioned measurement trajectories
Spline-based measurement with any number of individual sampling points
RF Instrumentation Rohde & Schwarz ZVA67 as LO- und RF-Source and IF-Receiver
LO/IF distribution unit with reconfigurable RF paths
Measurement Dynamic Range 80 dB (at 90 GHz and 100 mm measurement radius)
Measurement Chamber Dimensions (L x B x H) 4.4 m x 2.67 m x 2.20 m
Controlling Software In-house development at IHF specifically customized for the measurement chamber
Post-processing Matlab toolbox for near- and far-field measurements including spherical mode transformation
Additional Test Equipment Standard gain antenna for 60 - 90 GHz
Imaging radar measurements
Active radar system measurements

Controlling Software

The control software developed at IHF allows convenient operation of the robot-based measurement technology. The integrated 3D representation visualizes the planned measurement sequences in an intuitive manner and, thus, reduces the risk of misleading measurement parameters.

Further Information

More details, pictures and videos about the robot-based measurement technology at IHF can be found here:
Robot-Based Measurement Technology